Language is the basis of human interaction. Written language is the key to written communication. The potential of the text to convey a message can be well managed by a good translator who considers form, content, style as well as the recipient of the text.  Your message will be communicated as adequately and correctly as possible. 

I have studied English, Swedish and Nordic languages at Gothenburg University and I have worked for 20 years as a professional translator. I live in Gothenburg where I have my office, I have a grown-up son and a samojed dog who keeps me busy both physically and emotionally. I have no strict working hours so I can adapt to the customer needs. I sometimes work with one or two other translators. 

My working fields are Marketing, IT, Tourism, 

Questionnaires, Contracts, Agreements, Computer games, General texts,

etc. Larger projects include translation of Web sites, a Magazine,
Computer games, Hotel sites.

I translate from English, Norwegian and Danish into Swedish.


Kustroddareg. 40
414 51 Göteborg

Hem: 031-24 07 93
Mobil: 0737074607

E-post: info@translation-services.se